New Single: ‘Dazed’

On April 15, 2022, low.again will release a single named ‘Dazed.’ The track continues the nostalgic, yet modern breakbeat inspired sound that he has been experimenting with lately. With spacey sound selection and dynamic energy, ‘Dazed’ is a solid continuation of the mashup between instrumental hip hop and the resurgence of breakbeat. The track introduces itself with lush chords and breakbeat, which transitions into the more familiar low.again sound of instrumental hip-hop. Throughout the track, low.again makes use of ambience to create a unique soundscape on top of the foundations laid by the relaxed drums and droning bass line. During the breakbeat sections of the track, he uses interesting glitchy effects to keep the attention of the listener before taking them back to the relaxing sound of low.again. Following ‘Find You’ low.again wanted to continue experimenting with breakbeat. “Dazed is a continuation of the mashup between breakbeat and hip-hop which I’ve been playing around with recently. I think it’s a step in the right direction for the sound of low.again and I am looking forward to using breakbeat more in the future” he says.

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